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Mar 21 10 - god of insects
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I just made this the other night, another sleepless one.
This one is a failed copy from Nomi Chi's or god-of-insects' work - The Vulture King . Her works inspire me so much I just can't describe it with words.

I bought my chartpak (L) It's so pretty , now I just wish to have like a fine point chartpak :v the red strokes are so big asdasd

god of insects, originally uploaded by Ranxo.
Mar 12 10 - Last Chartpak
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The last one I could do before returning those chartpak my friend gave to me. I want to buy mine but last time I was going to do so the situation went like this : new hairstyle or chartpak LOL so I chose new hairstyle C: as always I think opening comissions will solve my need for more materials... but, will it?

Feb 16 10 - Doubleeeee
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I'm glad I have started sketching daily <3 I'm loving the results

Done with a colour pencil, ball pen and final chartpaks <3 I'm loving chartpaks, they're like so easy to useee!


Trying somehat different things with pen, this time no sketch first with the color pencil. Someone told me my boobs were too far apart from each other :C but somewhat I can't picture small boobs being close together XDDDD lulz
Feb 07 10 - Brachelelelelele
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I just wanted to update this thing C: Been drawing tons of girls with blood on their faces <3
Jun 09 09 - Vocaloid Day ~ wiiii!
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The other day (lol the one from almost one month ago) I did various Vocaloid sketches, mainly Miku and Gackpoid 8DD because [personal profile] kula  shares with me have Gackpoid in them 8D. so here it is!!1 The return to the "UGLY ANIME STYLE IS UGLY" xDDD

Gakupo ~

Note to self : I didn'tlike etttt asdasda I must continue practicing men :/ If not, all of them will look like sissies in the futureee @A@

... continuing .... Like two days later of the Voca-sketch (oh yeah! short for Vocaloid sketch... lame! xD) I did a serious painting trying to use the technique I showed in the last video :D Super hard to do but it was a great experience (?) . =3=

Miku!!! *A*

For this one I wanted some serious critique from of my friends but most of them just told me: "omg! so cute!"  

. . .

  D:  fail guys , FAIL. I kind of know that it is cute because I love cute things >.> So I hope that now that I upload it to Deviant art I get some good comments on it   ~x~

May 16 09 - Restaurant City
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So long ~ 8D

Here is a little doodle I did on my last class of TAEV <3 was prety boring and it was when Kuroh introduced me to Restaurant City in Facebook. Like all the Playfish games in there, the only thing that makes you want to play it is so you can beat your friends at it lol srly, just to laze around xD

It is supposed to be my character, but, since, I didn't have a reference with me at that time D: I made a mistakeeeee DDDD: *dies* See for yourself 8D
sin cejas se ve merjor 8D ademas no era una corbata si no un moņo D:

May 06 09 - not only skills
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Just a video of the process of a painting. His skiils are very neat but I don't quite like the final result, only the process xDD See for yourself!
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